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year. that's why business, labor, and teachers all support... question seven. and so does the washington post. vote for question seven. it's just common sense. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on tmz -- >> ok. we got chewbacca. who approved of "star wars" in a big way. >> the first time he's ever touched cleanser. >> ken paige leaving m cafe in beverly hills. >> what's the most sought after hairstyle people come in and request. >> farrah fawcett. >> really? >> even i've asked for the farrah fawcett. >> we've got jillian michaels and she's with her baby.
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we ask if it's hard juggling a kid and being on the show. >> oh, my god. oh, my god, diana ross. >> you make fun of us for having dogs dress up for halloween. tell me these dogs are not frickin adorable dressed up. >> hypocrite! >> i don't know anything about this. >> carter dressed as an alligator. >> laila as you. >> more news in just a moment but first the latest from the tmz storm center superdoppler h.d. 4000 stormtracker center. superstorm sandy has left the jersey shore in ruins. the cast of "jersey shore" devastated. pauley d doing his part to help the victims in recovery -- just kidding. he went to vegas!
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>> vegas! >> whoa, vegas. vegas good. >> he is there spinning at rehab and there are two chicks completely making out behind him and he doesn't even turn around to look at them. >> how do you tell a whole story with a still picture? >> i can tell the whole story with picture. >> you have to show off your man boy nippie. >> my nipples that hard? >> you should wear some paper over them. >> i want you to rub them. slowly at first. >> we shouldn't do this. >> indeed, that's why there's storm coverage. >> we have an argument in the newsroom because i wanted to say they were lesbians and then they might not be lesbians but are just engaging in a kiss and they might not be bisexual. >> can two chicks do that? >> lesbian, bisexual, who cares. two chicks making out. now it's time for mass. >> what if there were five? >> if the girl is a five and a guy is looking for a seven. >> she kisses a girl she becomes an 8 1/2.
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>> you have two fives, then you have a 10. >> never [beep] a 10. one night, five dudes. >> it's the new meth. >> can we black bar those things? great. superdoppler h.d. stormtracker center. >> what's good, man? >> mater o'hara, he was randy on "the wire." >> you excited disney is taking over george lucas, "star wars? >> that's awesome. >> oh, my god. abby and brittany. >> what? >> that girl over there is dressed like the conjoined twins. you know the twins abby and brittany. >> i'm brittany and this is abby.
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>> could you introduce who you really are? >> i'm dax's intern. >> dax is always having someone work for him. what do you do? >> everyone has interns. >> no wonder he has 5,000 twitter fans. it's all >> twins. >> vagina grave wednesday, vagina grave wednesday, yeah! >> with celebrity props rex lee. >> one question for you. >> ok. >> the guy in serbia, his wife passed away. on her headstone, he puts a carving of her vagina. >> yes, this odd etching is quickly becoming the most famous serbian made cavity since ferdinand gunshot wound. >> she wanted this on her head set.
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>> what is the motivation? >> she wanted it on her headstone and she was passing away. and she says, this way you will always remember me and not chase any other ass. >> and that's a quote. and horribly misquoted by this guy. but you get the gist. >> is that incredibly romantic or incredibly creepy and inappropriate? >> it's somewhere in the middle. >> so creepily romantic, but can it get creepier? >> all it does is make him remember, he'll get a hankering. >> that's what i thought. i thought every time he goes to the thing, he's going to remember [beep]. at the cemetery. >> people grieve in different ways. >> dig a big old hole and pour water in it for him. >> and plant flowers. >> you never heard of that, dig a hole in the ground and put water in it. to make it goofy. >> what? >> someone else talk. >> they've got a different
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traditional cultural tradition. >> a grapefruit in the microwave. >> for the old, we've learned of new ways to remember our spouses. for the young, an alternative to the american pie movies. and thank you serbian carving and rex lee. >> was the carving old or young? >> that's a good question. >> looking pretty weathered from here. >> we have gene simmons at the airport. >> nice lakers hat. i see your support for l.a. >> now we're getting to what i want to talk about. >> yeah. >> you want to bet on dallas tonight? >> i'll bet with points. >> 50 bucks. >> ok. for the record, i didn't need the 8 1/2 point spread because i would have won on a straight bet. >> all right. >> what kind of wallet is that, a little mermaid? >> it's not a little mermaid wallet, it's a hipster wallet, it's a print by a local artist. made into a wallet. >> what a loser. >> oh, my god, he's even a hipster ghost. >> money taken from a poor man.
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>> i always wanted to drop pennies into a diamond mine. >> ok, you know what i'm going to do with this? i'm going to buy a nice lunch for myself. >> he's a mother [beep] christian with a heart full of gold. he's against abortion and has his n pose. he hates to throw so he'll run instead. he'll true you -- screw you on the field but not in bed. because he's tim. tim tebow. >> with reports swirling the new york jets will trade tim tebow to the jacksonville jaguars, here's some more fuel for those rumors. >> tim tebow was in jacksonville last night. >> yes. >> the quarterbackup was hanging at an arcade only 11 miles from thejaguar stadium. can you believe it, there are
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still arcades. word is tim tried the football game and he still got sacked. >> people going crazy thinking he's being traded. >> what happens to the jets, then? >> tebow will continue to have the same effect on them. nothing. but he wasn't alone. he was with his maybe girlfriend. >> he's got a girlfriend? >> we said "maybe. but they went all the way to second base. in r.b.i. baseball. man those were some fat baseball players. anyway, who is tebow's lady? >> the girl he was with is an actress named camilla belle. she dated joe jonas and then they broke up. she's into the whole no [beep] thing. >> same with tebow who grew up in jacksonville and went to the university of florida which means he's probably just visiting friends and won't be traded at all. but no matter what team he's on, he'll still be not that good. because he's tim, tim tebow. >> we've got jillian michaels
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and she's with her baby. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good. what's going on? >> look at lulu, so cute. >> adorable. >> we asked how she's juggles everything, a kid and being on the show. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god, diana ross. >> you're bouncing so much. this is a unique season, you've got motherhood and you're dealing with teen contestants. >> true. >> are you asking me how i'm juggling it all? not well, not well. no. >> i don't know how she -- you know there are lesbian rumors. >> she's out. she's totally out. she was at, like, the kennedy center -- >> softball tournament. >> that, too. >> ok. bye, bye.
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>> coming up -- >> amy weber had taken some naked photos to send to "playboy" but it didn't work out. >> she was worried someone would like sell her photos so she released the naked photos herself. >> we have the naked photos of the chick that got rejected by "playboy"? >> plus -- >> lakers game. russell brand shows up. five minutes later russell brand -- katy perry shows up. didn't look at each other. didn't say anything to each other. >> she is dating john mayer. >> she still hurts. >> shes sore, man. >> brought to you by state farm.
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>> coming up -- >> steve anka, your buddy. you're doing a show in march. >> why does he assume i'll go? i have to check my engagements and see what's going on that i have to check my engagements and see what's going on that weekend.
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we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> so boredwith your ipad you're using it as a drink coaster? get the new awesomely approved tmz app for ipad with high resolution photo galleries, videos, stories, and it's easier to navigate the octomom's birth canal. go to the app store and get the new app for ipad and cue that annoying little guy. the price is free! yep, still annoying. >> naked photos, a stolen laptop, and a shocking twist. >> my computer is stolen. >> and here are his naked photos. just kidding.
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thank god. >> there's a former wwe wrestler amy weber, someone stole her laptop while she was at the park. >> just a stab in the park but were there naked photos on it. >> at one time she took naked photos to send to "playboy" and didn't work out, they weren't interested but the photos were on the computer. she was worried someone would sell her photos. >> and clearly the only way to stop the criminals was to call everyone she knew and send them the photos. >> she released the naked photos herself? >> look at her, justice. >> what a proactive woman. >> so we have the naked photos of the chick that got rejected by "playboy"? >> yes, because we love "playboy" rejects, same daddy issues, lower self-esteem. let's see her pic. >> we'll need a black box. >> it's not that bad but ok. oh, you meant this. >> what do you have to be for "playboy"? you have to be, i would think, you would have to be a nine for
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"playboy," right? seven. >> how does she look? >> i would say overall, like seven. her boobies are like a 10 but like -- >> so i mean s is it something you would look at? >> yes, he did several times, yesterday a at his desk. >> tmz, we look at naked pictures and still complain about our jobs. >> i thought about it but i was at work. we have paul anka, your buddy. >> honestly the coolest guy. >> he tells us you're doing a show in march. >> what? >> harvey and i have a show in march down in palm springs again. >> i didn't know that. really? >> that's what he said. >> why does he so assume i will go? >> have to twist your arms to go to palm thing. -- palm springs. >> i have to check my engagements and see what's going on that weekend? >> you're free. >> isn't that interesting. i'm sitting next to frank sinatra who sang paul anka's
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song "my way. >> no, you're sitting next to slade in a hat. >> everybody get the dudes ready, we're going down. >> i'll be there for sure, man. take it easy, paul. >> yesterday, katy perry and russell brand went face to face in court. the basketball court, that is it. shazam. >> how did you like the game tonight, man? >> check this out. lakers game, first game of the season. russell brand shows up. five minutes later, katy perry shows up and katy perry's dad shows up with katy. >> who knew he was the six flags dude? and talk about awkward? >> did you say what's up?
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>> i know something else, they didn't look at each other, they didn't talk to each other. >> he cleaned a lot of toilets at the staples center last night to get that information. >> everybody said it was amicable and he didn't take her money but doesn't seem as amicable as they say. >> she sounds hurt by it. >> she is banging john mayer. >> she's not hurt, she's sore. >> not in front of her dad,you know, rod steiger. seriously, he's like mr. clean and that chick from the old navy commercial love child. enough about q-bo. although the ex-couple sat on opposite sides of the arena, all eyes were on them, including the lakers because they played like crap. thanks, moby's gay uncle. >> have a good night, man. >> what's up, ken? >> how is it going, bud. >> ken paige leaving m cafe if beverly hills. i caught up with him, what's the most sought after hairstyle people request.
11:49 pm
>> the bob from bonnie and clyde. >> i know what the all time one is. >> you're going to say jennifer aniston. >> no, farrah fawcett. >> really? >> all time. >> even i've asked for the farrah fawcett. >> speaking of hair -- >> which decade do you think had the worst hairstyle? >> he's going to say the porn star look of the 1970's. >> he says, i think the worst hairstyles would be the 1970's for me. >> we should have asked him about joe simpson. >> oh, yeah! classic. >> that would have been awesome. >> did you do joe simpson's hair? >> did you do joe simpson? >> we appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck. >> coming up -- >> lucas films was bought out by disney for $4.5 billion. we talked to the guy who played chewbacca and he gave the seal of approval. >> and we talked to jar jar
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binks but nobody cares what he has to say.
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>> next tmz, lindsay lohan, octomom. what do these two women have in octomom. what do these two women have in common what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade.
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hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>> tmz, on the line and on your phone 24/7. >> a long time ago in the late 1970's, early 1980's, it was a happy time when a man made three amazing movies. ok, two amazing movies and one pretty good movie because of that whole ewok debacle and then he made another one for lonely 30-year-olds who collect toys but that is over now. >> lucas films was bought out by disney for $4 million. $4 bill one.
11:54 pm
the biggest news since lieutenant ohura's space abortion. george lucas no longer owns "star wars. our nightmare is finally over. and there's more good news. >> they'll make a new episode vii in 2015. >> awesome, because everybody hated those last three, except for captain beardy. >> it's getting better all the time now we perfected digital eyelash rendering. >> accurate. but what does chewbacca think about all this. >> we talked to the guy who played chewbacca, peter mahue and he gave his seal of approval. >> in fact, he even tweeted about it. rest easy, nerds, disney knows how to treat people with respect -- propertieswith one or two exceptions. with respectok. we may be in some trouble here. thanks, george lucas for selling "star wars" so someone could save the franchise you destroyed. shut your stupid face, binks.
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>> coming up -- >> you made fun of us for having dogs dressed up for halloween. tell me these dogs are not freaking adorable. >> hypocrite. hypocrite. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. [ man ] i got it when i uploaded a gigabyte of photos. i literally wanted to say "did you see that?" [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios there comes a moment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i saw that picture, i really got it. i can enjoy the game better at home than going to the stadium. i got it when our apartment became the apartment. [ male announcer ] there's never been a better time to get it. get our best price online guaranteed for a year with no annual contract.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities once you've got it, at 800-974-6006 tty/v. you get it.
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>> closed captioning and other consideration for tmz provided by --
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>> get on the tmz hollywood tour. day time, nighttime, seven days a week. we have nothing better to do. you never know who you'll see. >> oh, my god. >> everybody on the tmz tour. like the stars of beverly hills housewives, cee lo green. >> the tmz bus tour here. >> see where your favorite stars
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hang out, the sunset strip, hollywood, fancy shmancy beverly hills. the tmz hollywood tour. we show you the real hollywood. >> have a very serious bone to pick with you, jerry and i do. you made fun of us for having dogs dressed up for halloween. >> your dogs are dressed up? shut up! >> all dogs look cute dressed up for halloween. tell me these dogs are not frickin' adorable. >> that's your dog! >> hypocrite. hypocrite. >> i don't know anything about this. >> look at those adorable dogs all dressed up. >> i swear to god, i don't know anything about this. >> carter dressed up as alligator, laila as you.

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